About Alton Sterling


NAACP Members,

Alton Sterling was a 37-year-old Black father of five selling CDs outside of a local store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He did not deserve to die.

Yet here we are again. Another Black man slain by police. Another hashtag carrying the fury and pain of his community. And another family deep in mourning – in the same state that passed the ‘Blue Lives Matter’ bill to silence protests against police violence.

The FBI and the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division will be leading an independent investigation into his murder – and we have to keep up the pressure until they deliver accountability.

But an independent investigation by the Department of Justice could mean systemic changes in local policing as well as accountability for Alton Sterling’s killers. When the FBI and DOJ took over the Walter Scott investigation, it led to multiple indictments including a murder charge from the state.

We must continue to meet with Law Enforcement Officials i.e.,Minority recruitment, officers training, body cams etc., here in Kankakee County to ensure that incidents like this do not happen here.

Until justice is real,

Theodis Pace, President
Kankakee County NAACP